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About Cary Edwards, APRN

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Cary Edwards, APRN

Cary Edwards, APRN is a dedicated Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) with a multifaceted background that encompasses integrative medicine, functional nutrition, and acute care. With a commitment to holistic healing and patient-centered care, Cary has established herself as a seasoned healthcare professional with a passion for improving patients' lives.

Cary's educational journey began with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Texas. She later earned her Master of Science in Nursing, specializing in Family Nurse Practitioner, from the University of Colorado Health Science Center. Her thirst for knowledge led her to also attain a Functional Nutrition Certification from the Functional Nutrition Alliance.

Cary's NP experience spans diverse clinical settings and specialties. As part of the Suncoast Integrated Medicine Clinic in Naples, FL, she focuses on integrative medicine, hormone replacement therapy, IV infusions, and specialized treatments like knee injections using biologics. At Armor Health, Cary plays a vital role in providing acute and primary care, as well as medication-assisted treatment at the Collier County Jail. Additionally, her work at Wellness Dimensions and Life Change Healing, LLC showcases her dedication to both internal medicine and innovative telehealth-based functional nutrition programs.

Cary's expertise extends beyond the traditional scope of practice. Her proficiency in performing sclerotherapy, joint injections, and pellet insertions has made her a valuable asset at Physicians Regional Hospital Vein Center. Fluent in Spanish, Cary effectively communicates with a diverse range of patients, ensuring personalized care that transcends language barriers.

Cary's commitment to comprehensive patient care is evident in her involvement with organizations like Take Care Health Systems and Doctors on Duty. Her work at the Los Barrios Unidos Community Clinic reflects her dedication to serving underserved populations and advocating for family-centered healthcare.

Before becoming an APRN, Cary cultivated a solid foundation as a registered nurse. Her experience in emergency departments at renowned institutions such as Porter Adventist Hospital and St. Joseph's Hospital in Denver, CO, showcased her ability to excel in high-pressure environments while providing quality care.

Cary's professional profile is fortified by certifications that include Family Nurse Practitioner Board Certification (AANP), Florida RN, APRN, DEA X-Waiver, and Basic Life Support. Her skill set encompasses suturing, minor surgical office procedures, joint injections, pellet insertions, and sclerotherapy.

Cary embodies the essence of a healthcare professional committed to excellence, innovation, and compassionate patient care. Her holistic approach, functional nutrition expertise, and extensive clinical experience make her an exceptional provider dedicated to enhancing the well-being of those she serves.