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Menopause services offered in the greater Naples, FL area

Menopause is a normal physiological process marking the end of the menstrual cycle that may cause symptoms that significantly affect daily life. The team at Naples Women's Center in Naples, Florida, provides comprehensive women’s health care before, during, and after menopause, helping women manage their symptoms and health. Call today or schedule your menopause consultation online. 

When should I talk to my health care provider about menopause?

Menopause marks the end of your period, but it doesn’t happen all at once. Your gynecologist at Naples Women's Center may start talking to you about menopause well before you stop menstruating.

Menopause occurs because your ovaries stop producing estrogen and progesterone, the hormones that control the menstrual cycle. Before menopause, you go through a transitional period called perimenopause. 

During this stage, hormone production fluctuates, causing many of the symptoms associated with menopause.

You reach menopause when you go a full year without your period. 

I feel tired all the time. What symptoms can I expect during menopause?

Fatigue is one of the symptoms you may have with menopause. But every woman’s menopause experience differs. Some women reach menopause without having any signs or symptoms, while others have severe symptoms that disrupt their life. 

Common symptoms of menopause include:

  • Hot flashes and night sweats
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Mood changes
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Weight gain
  • Low libido
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Thinning hair
  • Dry skin

In addition to the physical symptoms, the hormonal changes that occur with menopause also slow down the bone-rebuilding process, increasing your risk of osteoporosis — a serious bone disease that increases the risk of fractures.

What tests do I need for menopause?

Naples Women's Center specializes in managing menopause and performs a number of tests to monitor your health during this stage of your life. Testing may include:

Checking hormone levels

If you're experiencing moderate to severe menopause symptoms, the team at Naples Women's Center runs lab work to check hormone levels. These tests help them formulate a treatment plan to help you manage your symptoms.

Bone density test

A bone density test is an X-ray that measures the mineral density in your bones to assess the risk of osteoporosis. 

Lipid profile

The lipid profile is a blood test that checks cholesterol levels. Your cholesterol level may increase after menopause, putting you at risk of heart disease. 

What treatments can help me during menopause?

The Naples Women's Center team customizes your menopause treatment plan based on your symptoms’ severity, medical history, and personal wishes. Treatment may include:

  • Traditional hormone replacement therapy (HRT)
  • Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT)
  • Low-dose antidepressants
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Nutritional supplements

Bioidentical hormones are plant-based hormones altered to have the same structure and function as the hormones in your body. The team uses BHRT to customize hormone treatment.

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